The Excellent Match-Job S.R.L is guided by a number of values ​​that underpin the services provided. These are:


     1. Commitment

     We assume responsibilities, the first of which is the deep knowledge of the needs of our candidates and partners. Our mission is to provide quality through a deep understanding of the needs of our partners, as well as a thorough recruitment process: selection, information, support and continuous training of our candidates.

     Our team is the one we owe to ourselves.


     2. Professionalism

     We treat all people with respect and work as honorably as possible. That is why we focus on team work and on stimulating performance. We want that, at the end of the day, all our knowledge, experience and efforts be translated into satisfaction and the fulfillment of the wishes of our partners and candidates. We want, more than anything, satisfied partners and candidates who will return with confidence to our services.


     3. Respect

     We respect partners and candidates by respecting their personality and needs. Every day we make every effort to get to know our partners and candidates better to understand and fulfill their needs and desires. Our services are a support, a number of support. We strive to help them achieve and be what they want, giving them individual contact and the necessary assistance.



     4. Quality

    High quality is the most important attribute of our services and we believe that a decent living standard, as we want for you, can only be achieved through high-quality services. The quality of work and life is our top priority, trust is also the result of the high quality and foundation of our mission.


     5. Confidentiality

     Privacy is the link between the high quality and the lasting trust we build our professional relationships to accomplish our mission. Privacy is closely linked to our professionalism and respect for our partners and our candidates, being the value we add from the start of our services as a duty of honor, a condition of our success and the satisfaction of those who appeal to our services.


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